Technical Issues

Blood Lactate Measurements and Analysis during Exercise: A Guide for Clinicians
Determination of Blood Lactate Concentration: Reliability and Validity of a Lactate Oxidase-Based Method
Lactate: From Undesirable To Valuable Metabolite The Role Of Lactate Production In The Regulation Of The Excitability During High Power Requirement In Muscle Fibres
Accuracy of Handheld Point-of-Care Fingertip Lactate Measurement in the Emergency Department
Evaluation of three portable blood lactate analysers: Lactate Pro, Lactate Scout and Lactate Plus
A method-comparison study regarding the validity and reliability of the Lactate Plus analyzer
Test Retest Reproducibility of a Hand-Held Lactate Analyzer in Healthy Men
Reliability and Accuracy of Six Hand-Held Blood Lactate Analysers
Effect of measuring blood lactate concentrations using different automated lactate analysers on blood lactate transition thresholds