Lactate Scout 4 y Rendimiento Deportivo

The Lactate Scout 4 is the ideal portable lactate analyser for monitoring sports performance

The Lactate Scout 4 is an accurate and reliable handheld analyser suitable for both outdoor training and in the gym, or for analysing sports performance in a laboratory.

The device only needs 0.2 microlitres of capillary blood to display the results on screen. This analyser is one of the fastest on the market, since it only takes 10 seconds to show the result. The Lactate Scout 4 has a memory that can store up to 500 results.

This analyser incorporates a Bluetooth version 4.1 connection (Bluetooth Smart – Bluetooth Low Energy), which is compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets that have the same version of Bluetooth connection. For those devices that do not have Bluetooth 4.1 we have the Bluetooth 4.1 Adaptor.

The Lactate Scout 4, like the previous Lactate Scout models, do not require calibration since they are calibrated at the factory, and the analyser itself performs an automatic pre-calibration every time a test strip is inserted (hence, once a strip is inserted in the analyser, it takes a few seconds for the drop of blood or the indicative to take the sample to be shown). When configuring the Lactate Scout 4 or when using test strips from a new container, a two-digit code must be entered into the device. The code is printed on the label of the sensor container, and modifying it is very simple.

The sample volume required for the analysis is very low, which means that any small contamination when taking the sample can lead to unexpected results and the user may doubt the proper operation of the analyser. For these occasions, the manufacturer markets control solutions with a determined lactate concentration, in order to verify that the analyser and the test strips are working correctly. Control solutions are specific to each analyser.

Control solutions are used when a result does not seem correct to us, and they are useful to rule out the malfunctioning of the analyser. If this is the case, the problem may be caused by using faulty test strips, or, in most cases, by not having taken the sample correctly. You can read a previous post on how to take a sample correctly, here.

One of the highlights of this analyser is the possibility of connecting it via Bluetooth to heart rate monitors that have the same version of Bluetooth, and it has a stopwatch function to help analyse sports performance.

The Lactate Scout 4 is an ideal complement to help athletes and trainers assess endurance, prepare suitable training programs, avoid overtraining and use metabolic information to help establish target heart rate zones.

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