Lactate Scout Sport

In December 2023, EKF Diagnostics marketed the latest version of the Lactate Scout portable lactate analyser. The new LACTATE SCOUT SPORT analyser provides accurate measurements of lactate levels to boost performance improvement in the sports field.

This new analyser offers the possibility to connect it to heart rate monitors. Also, its display screen is electronic paper, which enables the visualization in movement and with light changes, and the analyser has a more ergonomic design, is smaller, lighter and more robust than its predecessor, which makes it ideal to be used in the sports field.

Please find below the main features of the Lactate Scout Sport:

  • Results shown in 10 seconds
  • Sample volume: 0,2 µl (microliters)
  • Simple to use
  • PC, smartphone and tablet compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 (Smart Bluetooth). Any devices without version 4.1 will need to purchase the Bluetooth 4.1 Adapter
  • Analysis software – Lactate Assistant Lactate Scout
  • The test strips come in vials of 25 units and are compatible with all Lactate Scout models
  • Stores up to 500 results
  • Pocket-size: 91mm x 46mm x 21mm

Recommendations for a correct storage and handling of the Lactate Scout test strips in the sports field:

  • In order to ensure that the Lactate Scout test strips retain all their properties, it is recommended that they are stored in the fridge with the vial properly closed.
  • Once you are ready to perform a measurement in the sports field, it is important to keep both the analyser and the test strips at room temperature for approximately half an hour to allow the temperature of all the elements to equilibrate.
  • The test strips are extremely sensitive, so the bottle should be kept closed for as long as possible, and open it just long enough to remove the strip, which should be inserted into the analyser as soon as possible.
  • When handling the strips, we must be careful not to touch the area where the reagent is, i.e. where we put the blood, so that it does not become contaminated.


Find out more regarding the specific software for the Lactate Scout:
Lactate Scout Assistant Software


Lactate Scout Sport


Type of Device: Lactate Scout

Manufacturer: SensLab GmbH, Leipzig (Germany).

Measurement: enzymatic-amperometric detection of lactate in capillary blood lactate.

Measuring Range: 0,5 – 25,0 mmol/l.

Coefficient of Variation: 3% – 8% (depending on the concentration).

Temperature: min. +5 °C, max. +45 °C.

Humidity: up to 85% relative humidity.

Sample Volume: 0,2 µl.

Measurement Duration: 10 seconds.

Memory: 250 analysis including additional parameters.

Size: 91 x 55 x 24 mm.

Weight: 85 grams including batteries.

Display: LC-display with symbols.

Power Supply: 2 x CR2450 batteries

Interface: Includes Bluetooth Chip for wireless transmition of data to the PC.

Accesories: Lactate Scout Reactive Strips, Lactate Scout Control Solution.