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The Lak-EN310 portable lactate analyser allows data transmission to a mobile device via an App in the Android and iOS environments.

Please find below the most important features of this new product:

FAST: The Lak-EN310 portable lactate analyser takes only 10 seconds to test blood lactate levels.

BLOOD SAMPLE: The Lak-EN310 requires only 0.8 microlitres of blood to perform a lactate measurement.

The Lak-En310 lactate analyser test strips incorporate gold electrodes, improving the accuracy and precision of lactate test results by improving and regulating the electrical transmission from the Reaction Zone of the test strip to the Analyser.

ACCURATE DETECTION: the analyser contains seven gold electrodes ensure high anti-interference performance, allowing for more accurate results.

TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION: The updated temperature compensation algorithm ensures accurate and stable results.

CALIBRATION WITH THE CODE CHIP: When using the analyser for the first time or when using a new batch of test strips for measurement, the old code chip must be replaced by the code chip of the new test strip package.

MEMORY: 800 individual blood lactate test results and 20 individual quality control results with date and time.


POWER SUPPLY: 2 AAA alkaline batteries

SHELF LIFE: Capable of approx. 1000 continuous measurements

User Manual:


Type of technology: Electrochemical biosensor technology

Sample type: Capillary and venous whole blood

Measurement time: only 10 seconds

Only 0.8 μl of blood required

Measurement Range: 0,5 – 18,0 mmol/L

Operating temperature: 15°C – 40°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C – 55°C

Relative storage humidity: min. 10% – max. 93% (without condensation)

Calibration with the code chip.

Memory for 800 results

Integrated test strip removal button

Shelf life: 5 years

Power Supply: 3V

Includes carrying bag, analyser, instruction manual in English and Spanish and two AAA batteries.