Lactate Test Strips Lak-EN310_Expiry Date July 2024

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Test strips for determining blood lactate concentration with the Lak-EN310 lactate analyser.

Available in 2 formats

  • 25 test strips (1 vial)
  • 50 test strips  (1 box with 2 vials)

The test strips must be used with the chip code included with each bottle.

The test strip container must be sealed tightly each time the test strips are removed in order to prevent moisture.

The test strips should be stored at a temperature between 2°C and 30°C.

The test strips are extremely sensitive, so please make sure you keep the bottle closed for as long as possible, and open it just long enough to remove the test strip, which should be inserted into the analyser as soon as possible.

When handling the strips, we must be careful not to touch the area where the reagent is, i.e. where we put the blood, so that it does not become contaminated.

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