Lak-EN310 Control Solutions

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The Lak-EN310 control solutions are designed to perform quality control with the Lak-EN310 lactate analyser to ensure that the analyser is working properly.

With water as the main substrate, the control solution includes two levels:

  • Level 1 – Measurement Range: 2,5 mmol/L – 6,9 mmol/L
  • Level 2 – Measurement Range: 13.5 mmol/L – 19.9mmol/L

The Lak-EN310 control solutions are used only to check if Eaglenos lactate analysers and test strips are working properly and if the measurement procedures are correct. If the value obtained after a measurement with the control solution is within the range indicated on the bottle, the lactate analyser is functioning normally and its operation is correct.

The fact that the sample volume required for the analysis is very low means that any small contamination when taking the sample may give rise to unexpected results and the user may have doubts about the proper functioning of the analyser; on these occasions, the use of the control solution will guarantee the real functioning of the device, dispelling any doubts that may arise.

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