Calibration and Control Solutions of Our Lactate Analysers

Calibration and Control Solutions of Our Lactate AnalysersThe calibration of the three portable lactate analysers that we market at Laktate is completed automatically when the test strip is inserted into the analyser.

The Lactate Scout 4 and the Lactate Plus have control reagents (control solution), which are used to confirm that the device is working correctly. As the blood sample required for the analysis is very low, any small contamination at the time of sampling can lead to unexpected results and it can make the user doubtful about the proper functioning of the analyser. On these occasions, the use of the control reagent will guarantee the real functioning of the device, dispelling any doubts that may arise.

If the values shown when measuring with the control solution (instead of with the blood sample) are not within the values indicated on the bottle, it means that the analyser has some anomaly.

Conversely, if the values agree to those indicated in the bottle, it may be that these unreliable results are due to some type of contamination in the sample collection (for example, sweat, since it has a much higher lactate concentration than the blood and can significantly alter the result).

Therefore, the control solution would be used when some result shows a value that produces doubts, to rule out that there is a problem with the analyser.

In general, the three analysers offer a similar performance, they are very similar in terms of the volume of sample required, the analysis time, etc., and the levels of accuracy they provide do not pose a significant difference between them either.

The biggest difference between the three lays in the connectivity, since the Lactate Scout 4 has an innovative feature in that sense. The Lactate Scout 4 includes a Bluetooth connection version 4.1 (low energy) that allows for the analyser to be connected to a Windows PC which has the same type of Bluetooth connection (we offer a Bluetooth adaptor for computers that have a different Bluetooth connection), and the device can also be connected to a heart rate measuring device with the same type of Bluetooth. More information about the Lactate Scout 4 connectivity available here.

The Lactate Scout 4, in its Start and Field Case versions, includes the Lactate Scout Assistant software for data processing. More information about this software available here.

The Lactate Plus has a cable that is sold as an option and includes a simple software for data processing.

The Lactate Pro 2 has an optional cable that it is not for sale in Spain at the moment, but that we could try to get it in case a user is interested.

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