Comparison between the following portable lactate analysers: Lactate Plus, Lactate Pro 2 and Lactate Scout +

Measurement of blood lactate response to exercise is very common in the physiological assessment of high performance in athletes.

Many exercise physiology laboratories measure the blood lactate response to exercise together with other intensity parameters such as heart rate, power, oxygen consumption, etc.

Lactate analysis can serve as an indicator of adaptation to training and helps identify optimal training stimuli and training intensity prescriptions. The use and applicability of lactate measurements depends on reliable, accurate and linear instruments either in measurements completed at the laboratory or out in the field.

In recent years, the application of physiological field tests and controls has increased especially with the introduction of hand-held lactate analysers. Many professionals in the sports performance area, such as physiologists, coaches and athletes have moved away from the large and more complex laboratory analysers and have opted for the use of portable analysers, which offer greater functionality.

At present there are various portable lactate analysers that work with batteries, which has facilitated their use to carry out lactate tests in order to obtain important physiological information on athletes. Among the lactate analysers that exist in the market we highlight three of them: Lactate Pro 2, Lactate Plus and Lactate Scout+.

In this article, we aim to highlight the most important aspects of these three analysers and make a comparison between them.

Comparison between 3 portable lactate analysers


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