Determination of lactate threshold in triathletes: Applications for training

 PubliCE Premium

We are pleased to offer you the abstract of the article written in Spanish by Ricardo Chambers, which was published by the journal PubliCE Premium in 2015 under the original title “Determinación del Umbral de Lactato en Triatletas: Aplicaciones Para el Entrenamiento”. The English translation of the title would read “Determination of lactate threshold in triathletes: Applications for training”

Determining the lactate threshold in endurance athletes is very important in order to know their level of performance and in turn control training loads.

By analyzing the physiology of lactate and its relationship to high-intensity exercise, the theoretical foundations of the test as well as the physiological adaptations of athletes will be analyzed.

A lactate threshold test field has been designed for athletes (cycling without drafting sector), with the intention that it takes place in conditions as similar as possible to the competition and training of athletes; such as the bicycle, the geographical location, the environmental conditions and the timing in which they are most comfortable or they compete with, among others.

This test is very useful in order to find out the level of performance of triathletes and then adapt their training to their needs. A test developed on the bicycle the athlete commonly uses, means that the mechanical efficiency is not conditioned. It also has the advantage of the rider performing the test in his/her training place, as this is already adapted to the environmental conditions.

These are some of the advantages of a field test, which the author considers prior to its development. These points will be analysed once the evaluations have been completed,  so that the work can be carried out taking into account the conclusions based on the results and compared with the available scientific literature.

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Determinación del Umbral de Lactato en Triatletas: Aplicaciones Para el Entrenamiento