Measuring Blood Lactate Levels

Please find below an overview of the article titled “Measuring Blood Lactate Levels”, which was written by Michelle Savigny, DVM and J. Berzon. This article was published by Vet Folio January 2006 (Vol 27, No 1)

Savigny et al explain that lactate concentration in blood is a measure of anaerobic metabolism, which occurs when cells are not getting enough oxygen to support normal aerobic energy production.

According to this study, an elevated lactate level is most commonly caused by a decrease in blood flow to the cells, systemically or locally.

In recent years, patient monitoring is being monitored more closely, especially in critically ill patients. Recently, measuring blood lactate levels has become more common in the management of critically ill animals and humans.

Nowadays there are many different lactate analysers available in the market, which means that blood lactate levels can be measured easy and inexpensively. Lactate has an important role in diagnosis as well as in monitoring and prognosis.

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Measuring Blood Lactate Levels