Lactate Measurement with the Lactate Plus Analyser

In the following video we show you how to perform a blood lactate measurement using the Lactate Plus portable analyser. On this occasion, the blood sample has been taken from the fingertip of a person at rest.

The Lactate Plus is a portable, compact lactate analyser which analyses blood lactate quickly and accurately. With only one drop of blood (0.7 microliters), the Lactate Plus shows reliable results in just 13 seconds.

You can buy the Lactate Plus analyser and its reagents independently, or if you prefer it you can purchase the Field Case, which includes everything you need to perform a lactate test.

To perform a lactate measurement you will need an analyser, test strips which are specific to each device, and lancets to perform the puncture. We also have various accessories that can facilitate your task, such as gloves, disinfectant spray, a container for biocontaminated material etc.

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