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Our New Online Store of Hemoglobin Analysers,, Is Now Open

New Online Shop, are pleased to present our new online store where we offer the most effective and advanced hemoglobin analysers in the market:

We currently offer two hemoglobin analysers from the German brand EKF: DiaSpect TM and Hemo Control. Both analysers offer reliable hemoglobin results in just a few seconds, making them the ideal complement to perform hemoglobin measurements, obtaining accurate results quickly.

We also offer the glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) analyser Quo-Lab, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of diabetes laboratories and clinics in environments that require low operating costs and ease of use.

The DiaSpect TM is the fastest portable analyser on the market, since after taking the sample (sample volume required <10 μL.) and inserting the filled cuvette in the device, the results are displayed on the screen in just about one second.

Hemo Control is a hemoglobin analyser designed to offer hemoglobin results similar to those provided by large laboratory analysers, but at a more reasonable price. The required sample volume is 8 μl, and the results are available in 25-60 seconds.

The Quo-Lab HbA1c analyser provides accurate glycosylated hemoglobin results in 4 minutes, from a blood sample of only 4 μl. The glycosylated hemoglobin meter Quo-Lab® HbA1c can store more than 7,000 results that can be downloaded as text files to a PC through the integrated USB interface. Alternatively, the results can be printed using a printer that connects through a serial port.

We will surely incorporate new products into our new online store that is already operational. We will be happy to assist you by telephone at +34 619284022 or by email at

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