Connectivity Lactate Scout 4

Differential Feature of Lactate Scout 4: Connectivity with Heart Rate Transmitter

Connectivity Lactate Scout 4The German company EKF Diagnostics has just launched the new lactate analyser Lactate Scout 4, which provides reliable results in just 10 seconds with a sample of 0.2 microliters of blood. One of the innovations of this analyser is that it incorporates a Bluetooth chip Bluegiga version 4.1 (low energy). The most significant update of this new version is that it is the only portable lactate analyser that is capable of capturing the signal from a heart rate transmitter equipped with Bluetooth Bluegiga 4.1.

The Lactate Scout 4 portable lactate analyser is very light and easy to use. This new version has an E-paper screen that facilitates the visibility of the screen in movement and with light changes.

The Lactate Scout 4 incorporates a Bluetooth Bluegiga chip version 4.1 (Bluetooth Smart – Low Energy), which permits the analyser to be connected to any PC that has the same type of Bluetooth connection. Otherwise, the user must obtain a Bluetooth 4.1 Lactate Scout 4 Adapter.

The biggest update of the Lactate Scout 4 lactate analyser is that it can be connected to a heart rate transmitter that has the same type of Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth low energy, version 4.1). When taking blood for lactate analysis, the Lactate Scout 4 will store both the lactate concentration and the heart rate of the person analysed (as long as they wear a heart rate device that has been connected via Bluetooth to the analyser).

The Lactate Scout 4 will be able to transfer this data to the Lactate Scout Assistant software (only valid for Windows), installed on a Bluegiga Bluetooth Version 4.1 device or which has the Bluetooth 4.1 Lactate Scout 4 Adapter connected.

The Lactate Scout Assistant adapter and software are included in the Lactate Scout 4 Start and the Lactate Scout 4 Field Case.

In addition, approximately by the middle of the year EKF will launch the Lactate Scout Assistant App in the Android operating system, which will facilitate the transmission of data to an Android Smartphone in which the App has previously been downloaded.

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