Lactate in Clinical Practice

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Utility of Lactate in Cerebrospinal Fluid as a Biomarker of Bacterial Meningitis
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Lactate Levels As A Prognostic Indicator In Heterogeneous ICU Population
Mildly elevated lactate levels are associated with microcirculatory flow abnormalities and increased mortality: a microSOAP post hoc analysis
Validating a Point of Care Lactate Meter in Adult Patients with Sepsis Presenting to the Emergency Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital of a Low-to Middle-Income Country
pH and Lactate Levels in Umbilical Cord Blood in Newborns with Perinatal Asphyxia
Lactate, a Neglected Factor for Diabetes and Cancer Interaction
Serial Lactate Measurements and Their Predictive Validity of Early Mortality in Patients with Multiple Trauma Admitted to the Intensive Care Units
Early lactate levels for prediction of mortality in patients with sepsis or septic shock: a meta-analysis
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Relative hyperlactatemia and hospital mortality in critically ill patients: a retrospective multi-centre study
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Effectiveness Of Predicting In-Hospital Mortality In Critically Ill Children By Assessing Blood Lactate Levels At Admission
The Association Between Lactate, Mean Arterial Pressure, Central Venous Oxygen Saturation And Peripheral Temperature And Mortality In Severe Sepsis: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis
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