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Lactate analyser “Lactate Scout+” and the ability to communicate via Bluetooth

capturaPortable analyser “Lactate Scout+” has a differentiating element comparing with the competency such as “Lactate PRO2” or “Lactate Plus”, its wireless ability to communicate by Bluetooth.

There can be found three portable analysers worldwide that are mostly used and known, which have many similarities in technical specifications in lactate analysis which are: “Lactate Scout+”, “Lactate PRO2” and “Lactate Plus”, all of them sold by Laktate.

With little differences, all of the 3 analysers require a minimum volume of blood to make the test while the time needed for it it´s just a few seconds. Moreover, all of them are very accurate. Laktate has made before a comparative between the three of them.

However, Lactate Scout+ makes a difference between the three of them, it´s ability to communicate and transfer data to a PC wireless, to save it there, make studies…

Lactate scout+ comes with a Bluetooth chip that allows wireless communication between the pc and the analyser (most of laptops come with it and also some of the pcs have it, if not there can be used an USB connector), so that data can be transferred from the Lactate Scout+ memory to the pc through an easy software (Lactate Scout Assistant) that comes free with the analyser. This software also allows viewing curves and basic lactate thresholds or exporting data on .csv format for them to be used on Spreadsheets and that way obtain nearly any lactate threshold.

Link to Lactate Scout+ analyser on Laktates web.

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