medición de lactato en lóbulo

How to Performa a Lactate Measurement

Please find below an explanatory video explaining how to perform a blood lactate measurement using a portable lactate analyzer. In this case, we used a Lactate Scout + to perform a lactate analysis from a sample of blood taken from the earlobe.

At Laktate we sell portable lactate analyzers from three different brands: Lactate Pro 2, Lactate Plus and Lactate Scout +, as well as their consumables and various accessories to perform blood lactate analysis.

The Lactate Scout+ is a simple, reliable, accurate and economical analyzer that incorporates a Bluetooth chip for the wireless transmission of data to the computer.

The data transmitted to the computer can be analyzed using the software Lactate Scout Assistant, which in Laktate we include with the purchase of an analyzer. The Lactate Scout Assistant software offers numerous options for organizing results, graphical visualization and data analysis.

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