The Lactate Threshold and its Relation to Athletic Training


We are pleased to introduce the article entitled “The Lactate Threshold and its Relation to Athletic Training”, which was written in Spanish under the title “Umbral del Lactato y su Relación con el Entrenamiento Deportivo”. This article was written by Jorge Hernández Díaz, Miriam Recio Contreras, Lianet Setun Boronat and Heikel del Toro Recio. This article was published in, Digital Magazine. Buenos Aires,Year 16, No. 165, February 2012

[quote_box align=”left”]This research aims to reflect on the physiological characteristics of lactic acid and its relation to athletic training. This study offers answers to different questions related to the subject, such as:  Is lactate harmful or not? Should lactate be a concern for athletes? What is the lactate threshold? Lactate levels are the best measure of the intensity of a training session. Traditionally it has been hard to obtain information regarding this issue. Both sport physiologists and coaches have devised different ways of approaching the information related to the lactate analysis, and one of these methods has been the use of the heart rate, as well as other types of lactate measurements, which will be explained in the development of this topic. We hope that this research will prove to be a tool of knowledge for coaches and specialists of Physical Culture in general.[/quote_box]


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Umbral del lactato y su relación con el entrenamiento deportivo